Unravelling Choice

Understand what drives consumer choice at that 'moment of truth' when they make their purchase decision

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So how does it work?​

As soon as a shopper makes a purchase at any of our thousands of purchase points, We ask the respondent questions that corresponds to their items in their shopping basket to understand what went through their mind as they purchased those items.

We then blend this attitudinal survey data with information on in-market factors like ad spends, promotions, pricing etc. to help you zero in on the drives of consumer choice.

Note: All our respondents provide their consent for sharing their basket information and contact details for the survey

We use multiple data sources to give you a complete picture


Survey Data

Survey data is collected basis the shopping cart of the consumer. As the respondent answers the questions, the data is updated real-time to give you immediate insight.

Basket Data

The link with the POS system, tells us what items the customer has purchased and the price point at which they have purchases those items.

ATL Data

We integrate with media tracking companies and a steady stream of information flows into the system that tracks the type, frequency and expense being incurred on ATL activities.

BTL Data

The stores also have to put in the promotional information into the POS system that is required to generate the correct bill. This BTL activity is also captured and integrated into the data stream

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