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Numr research

Let’s talk about your customers' experience

Using Net Promoter Score [NPS] and Sentiment Analysis to drive retention and growth


Discover Every Customer Journey

Every day your customers interact with you in a multitude of ways. They visit your site, call customer support, have things delivered to them form you. We help you connect with your customers at every single interaction point to understand how you might improve that experience. 

Our NPS programs are built to deliver an end-to end solution that collects customer feedback, analyzes and predicts future growth and also closes the loop to retain your most valuable customers. 

Using machine learning and predictive analytics
to drive customer retention

We help you uncover insights from your customer’s feedback by analyzing
millions of data points and discovering hidden patterns W



The NUMR Retention Module Supercharges Your Company To Outpace The Industry


Platform Features

Mobile Optimized Surveys

Our surveys fly off the screen and is a pleasure to use. We consistently get 50% higher completion rates

API Integrations

We integrate with various sales automation and CRM systems to automate your real-time feedback system

Customized dashboard

Every employee within your organization will get access to a dashboard that is customized to their needs

Automated triggers

Based on your requirements, we can setup automated triggers that notify your employees about specific customer responses

Alert closed loop

Your employees can use our system to close loop and close open tickets. We can also integrate with your helpdesk system to open a ticket

Insights Presentations

Its not all about the system. Our Professional services team will collaborate with you to draw insights establish the ROI of your NPS system

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